My training style utilizes a combination of resistance training, HIIT and yoga, bringing creativity and artistry into the mix whenever possible. I believe that a truly healthy lifestyle has nothing to do with deprivation or punishment, and has everything to do with fun, community, contentment and joy.

personal Training

Everybody benefits from a trainer, regardless of the amount of knowledge they possess.

A good trainer will:

  • Push you past your comfort zone while staying within your limits.  
  • Accurately assess your movement and body composition
  • Create a well rounded exercise program that is tailored to your specific goals and needs
  • Provide accountability
  • Ensure exercise safety through proper form and adequate rest and recovery
  • Motivate and support you!

My focus is to use exercise as a tool to help you feel amazing, both mentally and physically! I want you to develop a peaceful, enjoyable relationship with exercise, as apposed to a tumultuous one.


In Home & Gym Personal Training - Boston's South End, Back Bay, Beacon Hill & surrounding neighborhoods.

Online Programs - For those who do not live in Boston or are needing less individualized attention.




    Why resistance training?

    In addition to the commonly known benefits of increased strength and an attractive, toned body, resistance training is very effective in improving:

    • Posture, balance and flexibility 
    • Movement patterns making all activities outside the gym more enjoyable 
    • Mood, focus & cognitive functioning 
    • Bone density
    • Body image
    • Body awareness

    other benefits include

    • Lowered bodily inflammation
    • Increased nutrient absorption
    • Improved blood sugar regulation

    Simply put, resistance training is ridiculously good for you.