It took my husband three months to convince me to work out with a personal trainer...well, work out at all. I was never into sports and could not care less about going to a gym. To be honest, I was beyond skeptical.

Then Georgia arrived into my life and everything changed ;)

Georgia is extremely personable and has a great attitude.  Even on those days where Ifelt unmotivated, a few minutes into our sessions I got a burst of energy and power through our workouts. A personal trainer who is intuitive, smart and has a fantastic aura.

I not only got into the routine to work out but also received many great advice regarding my eating and sleeping habits. Georgia basically fine tuned me and I will be eternally grateful for her influence.

Georgia not only makes you healthier but has a genuine talent to create a happier, more balanced person out from her clients.

-Edina S

Georgia was my personal trainer for some 18 months. She was amazing. She was my first trainer and even though she is no longer here to train me she got me to love a healthier life and I have continued ever since! 

-Rob M.